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tOpos is 3d Topology Optimisation plugin accelerated by CUDA GPGPU technology provided by NVIDIA.
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tOpos is a 3D Topology Optimisation plugin which is using GPU for computation acceleration. It is based on CUDA technology provided by NVIDIA. Current version of tOpos require NVIDIA graphic card with Cuda Computation Capability (cc) higher or equal to 3.0. Here you can check if you generation of GPU is compatible with tOpos. Also check if you drivers are up to date (do not use Windows Update drivers! Install newest drivers form NVIDIA website). Your graphic card drivers version need to be at least 376.51.

Thanks to GPGPU tOpos is almost 100X faster then competitive TO plugins for Grasshopper!

Generally speaking, tOpos is based on SIMP methodology described in Bendsøe and Sigmund work: " Topology Optimization. Theory, Methods, and Applications". As a BLAS solver, iterative Conjugate Gradient Method is applied. User has choice to use MatrixFree or Preassembled version of solver.

Soon, detailed primer as pdf will be prepared. For a now please use example file as reference. If you are familiar with Millipede plugin, you will use tOpos at glance!