TIE (Tensegrity Integration Element) for Rhino
(by son2yyk)
TIE ( Tensegrity Integration Element) for Rhino is a tool to design tensegrity structure system.
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Tensegrity system has no structural member experiences a bending moment and there are no shear stresses within the system. This can produce exceptionally strong and rigid structures. Even though it’s greatly beneficial as a structured system, it was difficult to utilize its systems to an actual building.

One of the major hurdles of utilizing  tensegrity system was the complex of its members, struts have to be angled in different directions with cables that have to be connected with different bars, which gives it difficult to apply to a system in building design. Based on the idea that Tensegrity system can be a module, it can be combine to create structure. The TIE (Tensegrity Integration Element) is developed to help utilizing Tensegrity system.

This tool resolved the issue of adapting the tensegrity structure to the building. If a user inputs geometry such as surface or volume where the tensegrity structure like to deploy, it automatically generates tensegrity structure within the geometry. Which gives freedom to a designer that they don’t have to design each bar and cables but able to explore possible configuration. By using a parametric CAD tool, a designer can change length, distance and other geometrical parameters to find better structural systems for their design.

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