(by Antoine Maes and Marc Differding)
Create video or gif from a sequence of images directly inside of Grasshopper !
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Tapeworm is a free and open source multimedia plugin for Grasshopper for Windows and macOS written in Python by Antoine Maes and Marc Differding.

Tapeworm currently allows you to create videos from image sequences and vis versa, transcode between various image formats, rename entire image sequences, and much more. Past are the times, when you had to use some obscure websites, or sign up for an expensive software subscription !

Tapeworm uses the free and open source FFmpeg project - a cross-platform command-line-based program for transcoding multimedia files -, and offers some of its functionality to Grasshopper users. For various reasons, we decided not to include a build of FFmpeg in the current Tapeworm release, which means that you have to install it yourself (if you don't already have it).