(by markp)
CFD, Virtual Wind Tunnel, and Building Physics for Grasshopper
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Swift allows you to do advanced CFD modelling with OpenFOAM through Grasshopper.  Swifts unique feature is the Virtual Wind Tunnel which allows calculation of multiple wind directions in a single calculation.  These resutls can then be processed to generate Outdoor Wind Comfort maps, and obtain Facade Pressure Coefficients for multiple wind angles. 

Swift focusses on reduced complexity for setup and smooth workflows in the Grasshopper environment for commercial-type applications.

Swift is a port of the powerful ODS Studio mult-physics framework that was created in Blender, however as it is in Beta we have started with the CFD module in the port to Rhino/GH.  In the future however will implement some of the powerful features from ODS Studio which for other building-physics calculations such as Energy calculations (with EnergyPlus) and lighting/daylight analysis with Radiance.

This is a first beta release and any feedback is greatly appreciated.  Please download additional required files, OpenFoam Extensions, Example Files and Read the Documentation at:  www.ods-engineering.com/tools/ods-swift/.