Surpik3D - Stitching tool
(by Kevin DECHAMPS)
Surpik3D let you quickly generate several types of stitching automatically on your 3D model. Super easy to use thanks to its user interface. No Grasshopper skills required
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Hi, I'm Kevin DECHAMPS, developer of the Surpik3D plugin.

I've developed this plugin for digital designer and 3D modeler in CMF, textile and leather industries (footwear, leathers goods, apparel, interior design, furniture, automotive, aircraft and more) who need to quickly generate stitching and splitting on parts of a 3D model for technical or rendering purposes.

You can configure different types of stitching and splitting thanks to parameters in the user interface then they will be created automatically in the Rhino environment as real geometries.

Fully integrated in your Rhino modeling workflow. Easy to use, no Grasshopper skills required! It will make you save a lot of time.

This trial version is unlimited in time but has limited features.
Contact me to purchase the commercial version and unlock full features. (see PDF in the downloaded folder)
You can see full version demo on my Youtube channel -> parades.3d

Enjoy !

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Surpik3D - Stitching tool
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