(by Jia ZHUANG)
AI optimized relief that turn a single image to a 3d NurbsSurface.
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SurfaceRelief (require Rhino 7.22.22255.5001 or above)
1. Create amazing 3d relief model from a single image.
2. Output NurbsSurface, easy for CNC.
3. Inbuild AI takes Nurbs modeling to the next level.


You are free to download and use this plugin. If you like to support my work BuyMeACoffee. Please contact me on Rhino Forums MessageMe to get license.

Manually install: Unzip and move entire "SurfaceRelief" folder to C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries\. All files need be unblocked.

1.8.0 UPDATE
1. After 1.8.0, SurfaceRelief requires Rhino 7.22.22255.5001 at least.
2. New component: BmpBackgroundClean.
3. New tool set Render. Support Raytrace mode and bake PRB material with texture!
4. New tool set View. Easy navigate and save snapshoot.

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