Sculptured, organic modeling in 3D.  SubD like interface, but advanced surfacing for high quality, geometrically rich shapes.
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High-quality, watertight surfacing in Rhino3D.  Easy to learn, with a control mesh (industry standard SubD) interface.  You won't have to deal with any 'extraordinary' or 'star' points because there aren't any.  No clusters of patches, and no cracks. Seams are very smooth (Near C2 in tech jargon).  SuperD has superior tools for edge sharpening, and smooth dissipation in between sharp and round. If the model follows common sense design rules the output will be watertight; it will 3D print without any extra 'healing' work. The B-spline conversion is a button click and fast.  See tutorial video

A beta version for iPad, iPhone is available to try out ($16) or