(by Rex Wang)
"向日葵日照"是一个运行在Rhino平台实时日照分析、自动统计指标的插件 "Sunflower solar" is a plug-in running on rhino platform for real-time sunshine analysis and automatic statistic
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“向日葵日照” 是一个运行在Rhino平台实时日照分析、自动统计指标的插件

"Sunflower solar" is a plug-in running on Rhino platform for real-time solar analysis and automatic statistics


Plug ins help designers improve work efficiency, and help designers have excellent performance in their work. It can help enterprises improve business agility and quickly respond to the needs of Party A.

“向日葵日照” 功能强大,计算速度快、易于使用。这一款软件正在改变我们的设计方式。软件先进的算法结合CPU的多线程和GPU的并行计算,充分调用硬件资源,效率几十上百倍的提升,软件提供了一种实时可见、所见即所得的交互方式,这款软件使我们的工作变得轻轻高效

"Sunflower sunshine" is powerful, fast and easy to use. This software is changing the way we design. The advanced algorithm of the software combines the CPU's multithreading and GPU's parallel computing, fully invokes the hardware resources, and improves the efficiency dozens of times. The software provides a real-time visible, WYSIWYG interactive mode, which makes our work more efficient