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SUinRhino provides user with enhanced geometry editing and block editing functions, aiming at improving user's modeling experiences.
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SUinRhino is a plugin improving Rhino modeling efficiency. It provides multiple functions in geometry editing and block editing procedures with reference to the interactions in SketchUp and other modeling software. You will gain more convenience in modeling work, and less difficulty in using Rhino with the help of this plugin.

SUinRhino covers following functions:

  • Geometry Modeling: 
  1. Add function to split surfaces and create planar surface automatically when boundary is drawn(polyline, rectangle, circle, polygon, arc and offset curve), and snap working plane according to mouse position;
  2. Improve push/pull interaction, select targeted sub-object and snap position according to the mouse position;
  3. Improve moving, rotating and scaling, select targeted sub-object and starting position according to the mouse position; add options to copy or array object when moving and rotating geometries; add scaling bounding box and handles, allow user to snap when using handlers to scale;
  4. Add other geometry modeling functions, including simplified 3D Text creating interface and creating sweeping geometry directly with section surface and rail curve.
  • Block Editing:
  1. Improve block editing interaction, allowing user to enter editing mode with double click;
  2. Allow editing non-uniformly scaled block instance;
  3. Add function to add object into block/remove object from block;
  4. Add function to hide/show other objects/blocks in editing mode;
  5. Add other block editing functions, including simplified block creation, block name changing, cplane changing, block instance setting as unique (creating new block definition from the existing block) and block layer unifying.

Welcome to download and use this plugin! You can further contact us through comment or email, exchanging ideas and bug reports, thank you.




  • 建模功能
  1. 增加可以在创建轮廓时自动切割涉及的几何面,或自动封面(多段线、矩形、圆形、多边形、圆弧、偏移),并根据鼠标位置识别工作平面
  2. 优化推拉交互,根据鼠标位置识别推拉位置及推拉对象。
  3. 优化移动旋转缩放交互,根据鼠标位置识别基点位置及编辑对象;支持复制/同步阵列物体;缩放时增加操作框,并支持捕捉。
  4. 增加其他相关功能,包括简化的三维文字创建界面、使用截平面和轨迹线直接创建扫掠形状。
  • 块编辑
  1. 增加双击进入块内编辑
  2. 支持修改非均匀缩放后的图块。
  3. 增加块内物体加减功能。
  4. 增加块以外物体或相似块显隐功能。
  5. 增加其他相关编辑功能,包括快速创建图块、修改块名称、修改块坐标系、块设置为唯一、块图层统一。


License Cost:
Rhino 7 for Win
SUinRhino(v1.0)User Manaul(CHS)使用说明
Rhino 7 for Win