[SPIRO]rat is a free plugin for Grasshopper developed by rat[LAB]EDUCATION in INDIA.
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[SPIRO]rat is a free plugin for Grasshopper (plugin for McNeel Rhinoceros3D) developed by rat[LAB]EDUCATION in INDIA. It generates Epitrochoids and Hypotrochoids by representing the motion of pen in a classic spirograph. An infinite number of patterns can be generated through this plugin using Rhino3D and Grasshopper3D which can be translated into spatial formations. 

rat[LAB] EDUCATION is an initiative by rat[LAB] to start a new discourse in architecture & parallel design disciplines with the use of ‘computational design’ & it’s various subsets.
Spread across various cities / countries, we are establishing a global dialogue in the domain of computational design by actively organizing and participating in workshops, lectures, presentations & symposiums.
While rat[LAB] has taken a top-down approach of exploring computational design through industry collaborations, a parallel, bottom-up approach is also in place to involve students of all levels, from design & related backgrounds.
rat[LAB]’s educational mission has led to formations of national and international workshops, programmes, discourses and collaborations which has now opened up new avenues of academic exchange. rat[LAB] has started Design Technology Tools section on their platform where new developments, tool-kits, workflows and associations will be showcased. [SPIRO]rat is now available at: www.rat-lab.org/designtechtools 
More information about rat[LAB]EDU: www.rat-lab.org/education 

rat[LAB] - Research in Architecture & Technology, is an independent research organization and network of designers & researchers specializing in computational design or similar technology-related domains.
Operated as a cloud-based organization with an international network of researchers & computational designers spread across UK, USA, Europe & Asia, and a studio in New Delhi, India, the research cell functions as a global collaborative and multidisciplinary laboratory facilitating design research that leads to novel spatial tectonics and smart built environments.
More info at: www.rat-lab.org 

[SPIRO]rat Project Team:
    Sushant Verma – Co-Founder, rat[LAB] Studio [ Tool Conceptualization ]
    Praneet Mathur - Developer and Programmer [ Tool Development ]
    Darshi Kapadia - Graphics and Documentation [ Tool Testing & Documentation ]


To uninstall go to Settings > Apps and Features in Windows 10 or Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. If [SPIRO]rat is not visible in the list, you may remove it manually from C:\Users\{USERNAME}\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries.

We recommend reading through the documentation before using [SPIRO]rat.