Speckle - Interop, Web Viewer, & More.
(by Dimitrie @ Speckle)
Speckle is an open source platform for interoperability, data exchange and automation (and you can view your 3D models online).
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Speckle is a cloud based solution for the AEC industry that provides honest interoperability, real time collaboration, data management, versioning and automation. What does it help you do?

  • Interoperability - exchange & curate data based workflows between Rhino, Revit, Grasshopper, Dynamo, and more. Author in Rhino, send data to your BIM manager's Revit model!
  • Collaboration & Versioning - create data informed workflows with your colleagues, share models online with external stakeholders, and more!
  • Develop & Hack - extend and build apps for AEC on top of a 100% open source platform!

Engineers, designers, hackers and entire organizations rely on Speckle for interoperability, automation and collaboration to deliver better buildings, faster. Here's a few resources on how to get started:

Speckle is 100% Open Source

Our mission is to transform the AEC industry for the better by providing a truly open source data platform that everyone can use and extend. Check out our code on Github, and don't forget to give us a star! 

Community & Support: Report Bugs, Ask Questions and Showcase

We also believe in an inclusive and open community in which we help each other. We have monthly online standups where we talk shop, gossip and preview the lastes developments in Speckle-land.

Make sure you register on our forum here and say hi!

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For instructions on installing Grasshopper Add-Ons, please see FAQ for details.
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