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The main functionality of this plugin is to combine points, lines, and surfaces to create spatial configurations, and it includes spatial syntax tools for analysis purposes.
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The "Space" plugin is currently in the development stage and it consists of two main functionalities: space generation and space analysis.

  1. "Space generation" involves the growth of space using points, lines, and surfaces as basic elements. It includes logic-based space generation using puzzles, logic-based space simulation using spider webs, and Porous space generation based on the logic of Taihu stones (the latter two functionalities are currently under development, so stay tuned).
  2. The "space analysis" is based on spatial syntax and calculates the depth value and integration value of the three-dimensional space. The purpose of this analysis is to evaluate the generated space。
  3. !!Notice:The "city generator" section currently does NOT have an input interface for users to adjust parameters. This functionality will be added in future development to allow users to define specific conditions for generating cities based on certain rules.
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Space 1.1.2
增加稳定流体功能 +。 New feature: Stable Fluids. 请确保Rhino版本在7.15以上
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