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Transfer your structural models from Grasshopper into SkyCiv - allowing you to complete your structural analysis, design and optimization.
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The SkyCiv-Grasshopper plugin allows structural engineers to run powerful FEM analysis and member design checks on models built in Grasshopper/Rhino. SkyCiv is a powerful, commercially used structural analysis and design software that runs on the cloud. New to SkyCiv? You can trial SkyCiv free for 14 days today by visiting this link.

Users can connect their existing Grasshopper models to SkyCiv components using helpful and easy components such as Line2Beam, Points2Beams, Plates and Supports to generate your structural model. Users can also apply point and distributed loads to the Grasshopper model, with controls to auto-adjust the loading to a dynamic model.

Users can link their Grasshopper Model directly to SkyCiv Structural Analysis software, so as you modify or adjust your model in Grasshopper, you can see the changes take effect instantly in SkyCiv. This makes form-finding and designing simple!

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