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Integrated urban design, planning and development software for teams.
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Integrated, data-driven collaboration for urban development. SIMO is the only purpose-made software for creating Urban Information Models (UIM) and simplifies the complexity of urban development project teams working in cities across the globe. We have solved 3D Modelling, Data Analysis and Team Collaboration that allows you and your team to work in an entirely new way, with rapid design iterations. 

The SIMO app includes three software: SIMO Rhino, SIMO Grasshopper and SIMO Data Dashboard. We offer both free and paid licenses. SIMO 2 must be used together with all SIMO 2 versions.

Benefits Highlights

  • Rapid design process with realtime project analysis
  • SIMO works with all your current workflows and plugins for Rhino and Grasshopper
  • Model in Rhino3D as you always do, let Grasshopper analyze in the background
  • Slice up your project into highly flexible project Phases
  • Realtime Data Analysis and Visualization of your project with our Dashboard
  • Data Visualization that you can customize and drop into your presentations
  • Send and Receive Rhino Models with all your urban data for review by clients or stakeholders, such as municipalities
  • Easy to learn with extensive Samples, Tutorials, How-To and Guides

Feature Highlights

  • Get extensive realtime metrics such as: MXI, FSI/FAR, GSI, OSR, GFA, NFA, SFA and more
  • SIMO supports Rhino and Grasshopper geometry… work parametrically or generatively
  • Use our UIM.json file to do extra analysis… you can hack it how you want
  • Create structured City data
  • UIM Graphics that have a growing list of international standards out of the box
  • Integrated Data Visualization components in Grasshopper
  • Integrated Querying, Filtering and Data Export components in Grasshopper
  • Floating Licenses, no network license servers to manage
  • Active development and support teams

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Integrated, data-driven collaboration for urban development.
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