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ShapeDiver is an online service for building web applications based on Grasshopper scripts. Install our plugin & create a Free account to get started!
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ShapeDiver is a platform that lets you turn your Grasshopper files into online applications.

We offer the safest, most reliable way of hosting your Grasshopper files online. Share them with your team and clients, embed them in a web application, or interface them with multiple desktop and cloud software to create innovative workflows.

Our platform supports over 40 third-party plugins, scripted components (C#, Python, VB), and includes a state-of-the-art 3D viewer with Augmented Reality built-in.

Learn how it works here.

Build your models in Grasshopper

Our Grasshopper plugin includes custom components to help you create the perfect online application. We have plenty of tutorials and resources to help you make the most out of our tools:

[IMPORTANT] It seems that food4rhino links do not always work as expected, especially in the case of Rhino 6. If you are having trouble, please try to install the plugin through the Package Manager! You can access it using the _PackageManager command in Rhino 7 or the _TestPackageManager command in Rhino 6. Search for "ShapeDiver" and select the version you want. Make sure you remove any files associated with previous manual installations of the plugin. If you have used the installer, use the Uninstall functionality to get a clean slate.


We offer different plans depending on the complexity of your Grasshopper files, the traffic on your website, and the type of integration your application needs. Learn more about our different plans and features in our step-by-step guide.

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Disclosure: ShapeDiver is a Software-as-a-Service company. Some limitations apply (supported plugins, computation time).


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ShapeDiver 1.17.4
ShapeDiver lets you upload and display your Grasshopper models online in a few clicks, along with their parameters. Once uploaded, these models can be shared, embedded and integrated into any web application. Build e-commerce websites, automate manufacturing and involve all stakeholders ...
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