(by mirobannwart)
Sawfish, because it creates, based on complex triangulated shapes, solid beam and plate geometry with planar sides, which can be sawn using a saw as tool only.
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Sawfish, because this Plugin is about creating solid beam and plate geometry, with planar and where possible parallel sides which allows to cut the geometry very efficiently by a CNC-Machine with a saw as tool or by a circular handsaw. The plugin is basically the result of my own way, firstly as as BFH AHB applied science university student and later on as BFH AHB employee, to find solutions to build every complex and triangulated shape in wood. The journey has begun 2014 as an architecture student and is an ongoing process; find more about on my website Therefore, Sawfish is a permanent and ongoing project, a work in progress (WIP); take it as it is:) I`m aware that there might be many other different and maybe smarter ways to achieve similar results; I see Sawfish more as my own autodidactic journey of exploring the digital world and possibilities combined with my background as carpenter and architect. Have fun to test it as it is, an example file and a YouTube tutorial might follow as soon as I find time; Support: Not guaranteed ... One more thing: If you do a project of any kind with this plugin I’m happy to get some images of it, find my contact on my website under about:)!  Installation: Copy in your libraries folder, try to unblock in properties, it might just work with the latest version of Rhino 7 Windows.

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Grasshopper for Rhino 7 for Win