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Makes model and layout spaces independent. Minimizes layout verification after model space modifications.
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Author : JF Lahos 2019/07/19, updated 2021/11/08        (plugin with no additional UI, only new behaviors)

SafeLayout helps you to ensure your layouts stay the way you left it.
When you add layer or change their visibility in model space, it may change the content of your layouts.
This plugin decouples model and layout layers visibility.
So when you go to your layouts all model layers are turned on so their visibility relies only on layout's layers.
When you return to model space, your model layers are restored the way it was when you left.

In layout space : All model layers will be always visibles (layout and detail spaces left untouched)
Model space has its own layers state. (Can be seen in layers state manager under SafeLayout_ModelLayersState)
A new layer visibility is False in every details by default. It can be modified with SafeLayout command (new_layer_visible = False (or True)).
If shift key is pressed while the layer is created (layer panel button), SafeLayout is disabled then the new layer is visible in all details (Rhino default).
To print, make sure to be in layouts to turn all model layers visible then print. No fail-safe procedure yet.

Please let me know if it is useful (or not) and what else could ease the layout production.
Disclaimer : Use at your own risk.

Bug fixed

 - Layer states were messed up when reopening a file saved in layout space.


- Info and update links added in properties available in plugin manager

License Cost:
Rhino 7 for Win