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Create and simulate ABB, KUKA, UR, and Staubli robot programs in Grasshopper
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Robots is a plugin for Rhino's Grasshopper visual programming interface. It allows you to create and simulate robot programs for ABBKUKAUR, and Staubli robots. It is compatible with Rhino 7 and higher for Windows and MacOS.

  • Note: This is a Grasshopper plug-in. It appears as a Rhino plug-in due to a current limitation of the integration between food4Rhino and the package manager.

If upgrading from an old version, check here.

  1. Install in Rhino 7 using the _PackageManager command, search for Robots.
  2. Restart Rhino and open Grasshopper. There should be a new tab in Grasshopper named Robots.
  3. Install a robot library by clicking on the Libraries button of a Load robot system component.
  4. The robots from the library should appear in a value list connected to a Load robot system component.
  5. Read the docs for more info.
  6. Check the samples.

When opening a sample file, a dialog box might pop up with an assembly not found message. You can close this without fixing the path, it will automatically get fixed after the sample file is loaded.

Commercial support is available. Partner with the creators of Robots to ensure you have the best support for your organization.


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For instructions on installing Grasshopper Add-Ons, please see FAQ for details.
Robots 1.7.0
Create and simulate ABB, KUKA, UR, and Staubli robot programs. Changes in 1.7.0: - Fixed RIPEMD160 missing in .NET 7 (Rhino 8). - Changed target attributes are now compared by value. - Added cast from integer to Joints parameter. - Added persistance to Joints parameter. - Added suppo...
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