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RobimGH offers a simple and user-friendly programming interface that even non-experts in robotics can easily master.
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RobimGH provides a simple and user-friendly programming interface, making it easy for even non-experts in robotics to grasp. Built on the RhinoGH development platform, this offline robot programming platform enables professionals in design-related fields to quickly get started.

RobimGH supports mainstream robot arm brands internationally, while also facilitating real-time integration with industrial-grade electrical control modules, allowing for easy connectivity with various hardware components. It offers a stable development environment for developers, researchers, and students.


Newly added features and enhancement please see:


At present, RobimGH's strength lies in its automatic obstacle avoidance algorithm, enabling autonomous path planning to avoid collisions.

In the future, RobimGH will gradually enhance advanced functionalities such as kinematic planning for 8 degrees of freedom, quadrant-based kinematic planning, and customizing various forms of transition phase planning. Stay tuned for these upcoming developments!


This is an experimental version of RobimGH, which currently contains KUKA, ABB, and Funuc. Several practical new features are currently in development. Remember, if you're planning to try them out, refer to the sample files below to implement specific simulations.

For more information and user handbook, check out our gitbook at

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RobimGH_Beta Installer v1.1.7
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Grasshopper for Rhino 7 for Win