RhinoRobot 3
(by QuentinL)
RhinoRobot is a Rhinoceros 3D offline programming and simulation plugin for all kinds of industrial robot applications.
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Download robot models here: https://www.kinematiq.net/rhinorobot/telechargement/ and check online documentation.

New functionalities:
- Performance improvement
- Completely new kinematic model
- Use of Rhinoceros render modes
- More control over robot motions: programmed, cartesian and articular
- External axes, linear and rotative
- Real trajectory simulation between programmed points
- Real time simulation with cycle time estimation
- Simulation recording
- Singularity, collision and limits detection
- Multi-language (en, fr, ...)
- Full robot library access
- Kuka, ABB, Fanuc, Staubli, UR, Yaskawa, Kawasaki Comau...
- More to come

RhinoRobot Changelog 08/01/2021
-Better compatibility with Rhino 7
-Better behaviour on programme filepath double click
-Deselect curves, points and mesh by right click on buttons
-Bug correction on limit settings 05/12/2020
-Bug correction 05/10/2020
-Custom Offsets
-RCP Panels autoheight
-Enable/Stop kinematics calculation
-Better theoretical cycle time calculation
-Bugfix 26/02/2020
-Bugfix 05/02/2020
-Bugfix on ExtAxis management and license key update 21/11/2019
-RhinoRobotCore release
-Bugfix 25/09/19
-Aubo robots support 18/09/19
-Bugfix 09/09/19
-External axis management 24/05/19
-Bugfix 26/04/19
-Bugfix 24/04/19
-Bugfix on external axis continuous rotation output angles 29/03/19
-External axis continuous rotation/alignment 13/03/19
-Custom UI controls from Grasshopper RCP 04/03/19
-Cartesian manual moves
-Gcode import
-Manual position saving and playing
-TCP refers to robot World CPlane correctly
-Bugfix 11/02/19
-Collision detection
-TCP and Base frames display
-Multiple TCP, Tool and Base possibility
-Bugfix 28/01/19
-Initial release