RhinoResurf v4.30767 for Rhino 6 and Rhino 7
(by RhinoResurf)
a reverse engineering tool that gives Rhino the ability to reconstruct NURB Surface(s) from mesh or point cloud with specified precision.
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NURBS fitting with specified tolerance.

 -Controllable surface smoothness. (command: RsPoints2Surf, RsMesh2Surf)

-Create curve network on mesh and create surface patch dynamically (command: RsMesh2SurfDyna )

- G1 continuity transition.(command: RsMesh2Surfs)

 -Powerful ability to fit large scale point cloud/mesh to a single face. (command: RsPoints2Surf, RsMesh2Surf)

 -Fully automated nurbs surfaces generation. (command: RsAutoNurbs)

 -Free-form nurbs surface modeling from polygon mesh(.obj mesh). (command: RsFaceFromPolygon)

-Fill hole by surface with numerical G1 continuity on the adjcent edges. (command: RsFillHoleBySurf )

-Match 2 surfaces to be tangent/curvature continuous on the common edge. (command: RsSurfaceMatch)

-Unfold 3D mesh/surface into 2D mesh/surface. (Command: _RsrMeshFlatten, RsrSurfaceFlatten)

-When a mesh model was morphed into new position, the original geometry from which the original mesh model was created can be mapped to the new position too, and the new mapped geometry is still represented in NURBS form.  (Command: RsSurfacemapDlg  )


What is new in RhinoResurf v4.305 for Rhino6 and Rhino 7?

1. Activate the symmetric feature in   RsPoints2Surf ;

2. Add sub-mesh extraction feature in   RsMesh2Surfs ;

3. fixed some bugs;

What is new in RhinoResurf v4.199 for Rhino 5(64-bit), Rhino6 and Rhino 7?

1. Fixed bugs in command _RsSurfaceMatch. This command helps users adjust the matching accuracy of the continuity between adjacent surfaces on the common boundary edge.

2. Fixed bugs in command _RsFillHoleBySurf.

_RsFillHoleBySurf is a new improved command for surface construction in RhinoResurf v4.195. The characteristics of this command are summarized as follows: ( for more details, please visit here: http://www.resurf3d.com/helpdoc/english/RsFillHoleBySurf.htm )

1. Surface edge or curve can be picked as boundary lines to construct surface. When picking the boundary, the G0 or G1 continuity type on the boundary can be defined, and the surface will be solved under these continuity constraints;

2. User can pick curves or point sets as interior data constraints, the surface can be deformed to the position of the interior data;

3. When fitting the surface to the interior data, the boundary line can be selected to remain unchanged, the position (G0) and normal vector(G1) on the boundary line can be kept;

4. By using the "Add knot " button and "Refine" button, user can improve the error (G0 or G1) accuracy of surface approximation;

5. The deviation of position and normal vector on the boundary line can be viewed;

6. Support to pick the boundary lines of multiple loops to construct trimmed surface;

Please use this URL to download 15 day trail version http://www.resurf3d.com/rhinoresurf07/RhinoResurf_v4r7.exe