RhinoMembrane v 3.0 For Rhino 6.0
(by ixRay ltda)
FormFinder plugin For Rhino 6.0
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RhinoMembrane  v3.0 for Rhino 6.0 

This new release has 2 built in solvers. 

The Update Reference Strategy  and the Natural Force Density Method .

Grasshopper extension updated  with new solver for cable nets. Rhinomembrane v 3.0  is a update of rel 3.0  for Rhino 6.0 64 bit.

It has in built professional form-finding solvers for any category of tensile and cable net structures. The plugin is also fully compatible with our flagship product ixCube 4-10  so any model generated with RM can be  baked on the fly to ixCube 4-10 for future structural analysis and patterning.