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This plug-in is to aid in quick organic distribution and scattering of objects.
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This plug-in is to aid in quick organic distribution of objects. It is primarily as an aid for rendering things such as grass and plants. It is simple, fast, integrated and effective, but may lack the advanced features of other available software such as Phantom Scatter.

RhinoGrow primarily exposes (all prefixed with RG):

  • Scatter (RGScatter) - Scatter objects on a surface. This is the primary function thus far. Also includes funcitonality for exporting 
  • Reduce- Quick tool for randomly reducing a selection
  • Export - Export the transformation matrices of blocks to a .csv file.

I have tested this project, but it is an early release and it may contain still bugs. Please use it "as is", it does not come with warranties. Please give credit where credit is due.

Note that as this product is currently provided at no charge, support and requests are only provided in the time I have available. 

  1. To install the plugin, simply drag and drop the Rhino Installer file (.rhi) or Rhino Plugin file (.rhp) into Rhinoceros 5.
  2. To install the toolbar, simply drag and drop the Rhino Toolbar file (.rui) into Rhinoceros 5.

- Cam Newnham

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