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From Medical Images to CAD: A single streamlined workflow enables you to create manufacturable and 3D-printable designs directly from medical images.
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One Software: From Medical Images to CAD

A single streamlined workflow enables you to create manufacturable and 3D-printable designs directly from medical images. We provide powerful medical image analysis tools within Rhinoceros, so you no longer need to import and export between different tools or switch software for the different steps in the workflow. With Rhino3DMedical you will improve your efficiency, save time and costs when creating biomedical CAD models such as implants and prostheses.

Factsheet: https://rhino3dmedical.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/FactSheet_Rhino3DMedical.pdf

Directly read and process all common medical image formats (DICOM, NIFTI, mhd). View, analyze, measure and annotate images, segment, extract, and repair meshes and enjoy the rich CAD modeling freedom directly within your 3D image space. Moreover, you can automate workflows through Rhino-Grasshopper or Python scripting for batch processing and repetitive tasks.

Cost-Efficient and Scalable Design Process

With Rhino3DMedical you significantly speed-up iterations between measurements, annotation, design and positioning of a CAD model within an anatomical structure. You don’t need to deal with the hassle of format incompatibilities and through the integrated Rhino-python engine you can high-throughput your medical data and directly connect it to your FEM tool. Applications include patient-specific or general implant design, pre-operative planning, virtual surgery, biomedical engineering, medical training and education.


Rhino3DMedical is currently available for Windows 8.1 and 10.
Rhino3DMedical is currently developed for Rhino 7 and 6.

FREE (90 days) LICENSE KEY: http://rhino3dmedical.com 

Disclaimer: THIS VERSION OF Rhino3DMedical IS NOT CERTIFIED AS A MEDICAL DEVICE FOR PRIMARY DIAGNOSIS. If you do use this software for scientific research please give appropriate credit in publications.

Installation: Upon download, the installer package of Rhino3DMedical will be downloaded to your computer. Close Rhino. Double-click on the file Rhino3DMedicalInstaller and it will automatically install Rhino3DMedical as a Rhino-plugin. Restart Rhino. When launching Rhino3DMedical, you will be asked to activate your license. Both online and offline activation is possible. Follow the instructions of the License Wizard.

Uninstallation: To uninstall Rhino3DMedical, close all Rhino applications. Then, go to Control Panel>Uninstall a program and then find the Rhino3DMedical uninstaller on the list.


8 August 2022 - version Added Shrink Wrap meshing function in Mesh Repair.

16 July 2022 - version Drastically improved meshing algorithms. Several modifications in main interface.

27 July 2021 - version Fixed problems related to Bounding Box and Mask. Fixed problems related to dialogs and windows.

18 January 2021 - version Added Mask from Object. Added Surface from Mask Preview. Added Scissors, Select Region. Added Slicing Plane Grasshopper component. Remodeled Segmentation tab. Fixed compatibility with Rhino 7. Fixed contrast slider effect.

24 November 2020 - version Added compatibility with Rhino 7. Added RMSlicingPlane. Added RMConvertToQuadMesh.

2 October 2020 - version Fixed bugs related to clinical interface not working in localized Rhino versions; Added modules from clinical interface to main Rhino interface; Several improvements related to image display and performance; Added MRI bias field correction filter.

11 August 2020 - version Improved DICOM Manager with resizing and thumbnail preview; Improved Image Filters tab; Improved orientation/rotation of medical images.
10 July 2020 - version Added direct image scroll navigation through Ctrl key holding and mouse move; Added direct image cross hairs centering through mouse double click; Removed Surface Preview slider in clinical interface; Added Num Slices field in image metadata; Unified Rhino 6 + R3DM installers in a single one; Added Grasshopper component Mask from Mesh.  
19 June 2020 - version Added Grasshopper components Write Image, Modify Origin Spacing Flipping and Image Operations components.
11 June 2020 - version Added Import/Export commands in Segmentation tab; Added Brightness control in Analysis tab.
5 June 2020 - version Added command RMCropPrintRegion and Crop Print Region button in clinical orbit module; Reduced RAM and improved memory management during Orbit module; Added commands RMExportManualMaskToTIFF and RMImportManualMaskFromTIFF to export/import current manual mask as TIFF; Added command RMExportMaskedImage to export superposition of current manual mask with active image as DICOM or MHD; Added command RMNegateManualMask to invert current manual mask
29 May 2020 - version Images and manual masks are saved to Rhino .r3dm file 
15 May 2020 - version Added Orthopaedics module in Clinical interface; Added Check Connectivity feature in Surface Preview; Added Mask from Object command in Segmentation window.
23 April 2020 - version This update includes installation of R3DMedical clinical interface with Desktop shortcut; Added command RMClinical; Added command RMExportToSTL; Added command RMSurfacePreview; Added command RMOrbit; Unified and improved Paint/Erase tools.
10 March 2020 - version Improved bounding box creation with from corners and from center option; Improved Paint tool behavior with a pop-up window; Added Superimpose 3D Surfaces checkbox in Image Analysis which shows intersection of medical image with any visible mesh, with the color of its layer material.
20 February 2020 - version Added JointSeparation as beta feature to Rhino3DMedical Menu; Added helper window to JointSplit command in JointSeparation module; JointSplit projects splitting half sphere onto image slices as red curves; JointSplit draws splitting half sphere according to JointSeparation checkbox; Output meshes are always displayed in Rendered Mode; Faster implementation when extracting largest region surface from threshold; Improve behavior of Eraser tool when pressing Enter and Esc. 
3 February 2020 - version Construction planes are updated according to the actual slice in every view; Added commands:  RMBooleanOperationThresholdMask, RMSetSlicesToPosition (to set all slices to a particular 3D point), RMMaskFromBrep (to identify spheres to operate with mask); Fixed bug related to ImageAnalysis and Segmentation tabs not showing on some computers.
13 January 2020 - version Added DICOM Manager to handle directories with multiple DICOM series, added checkbox to automatically extract largest component in Surface from Threshold, added buttons to check connectivity in threshold and mask, added command RMChangeLabelTransparency, added option to delete paint mask and eraser on a specific slice;
16 December 2019 - version New Eraser tool in Manual Segmentation subsection, test command RMResizeImage to resize image resolution, added *On Mask* checkbox in Region Growing subsection to region grow over current mask, added mouse wheel functionality over Image Analysis scrollbars, Bounding box can now be rotated. 
26 November 2019 - version New Manual Segmentation subsection with "Mask from Threshold button with progress bar", "Mask from Closed Curve button", "Paint Mask button (command RMPaintMask)", "Paint Mask subsection with options to change picker pixel size, picker shape, show mask check-box and mask color button", "Empty Mask button", and Surface from Mask button (command RMSurfaceFromMask). Added check-boxes Close Surface for Region Growing and Mask Surfaces. Grasshopper: Added MeshFilter Fill Holes component.  
29 October 2019 - version New Rhino3DMedical Toolbar; New Rhino3DMedical menu; Performance and memory usage improvements  
7 October 2019 - version Grasshopper - Added more image filters (closing, dilation, erosion, gradient, median, opening); Added GetBoundingBox component; Improved memory usage and performance.
30 September 2019 - version Added Manual Segmentation subsection and commands. Added internal smoothing when extracting surfaces from region growing. Added slicer to grasshopper. Added GetExtents component to grasshopper. 
23 September 2019 - version Added component SurfaceFromRegionGrowing; Possibility to open TIFF image stacks in Rhino & Grasshopper; Improved wireframe.
12 September 2019 - version Added Command RMImageSmooth to apply smoothing to the 3D image; Added Smoothing Image Filter to menu; Added RMCopyActiveImage command; Added menu item Copy Active Image; Only Active Image is selectable (except when prompted to select image in a command); Active Image can be properly transformed with translations. 
21 August 2019 - version Added Region Growing subsection, with vicinity option and fields; Added support for displaying multiple regions.
8 August 2019 - version Single 2D DICOM files can be read; Added contrast table options; Added Reset button. 
7 August 2019 - version New compatible format: NRRD; Replaced sliders with scrollbars; Added edit fields for slices and thresholds; Added threshold range and color picker.
1 August 2019: Product release.

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