Rhino Tdyn Wind Tunnel
(by Compass)
It has been developed by Compass and it allows to perform a wind tunnel simulation with Tdyn Wind Tunnel
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The aim of the Rhino Tdyn Wind Tunnel plugin is to combine the 3D design capabilities of Rhinoceros together with the smooth user experience and computational power of Tdyn Wind Tunnel.

The plugin allows you to perform CFD simulations in three simple steps:

1. Automatic export of geometry created and prepared in Rhino, to Tdyn Wind Tunnel.

2. Definition of wind speed and symmetries.

3. Launch simulation and view results!.

This plugin is perfect for anyone who can benefit of aerodynamic analyses, regardless of their expertise in CFD simulations or fluid dynamics knowledge, for example:

1. Structural engineers seeking for accurate values of  the wind loads.

2. Architects and urban designers who are willing to assess wind behaviour around urban areas/buildings, or enhance comfort inside spaces.

3. Designers (cars, motorbikes, etc,..) looking for improved estimations of aerodynamic coefficient.

4. Fluid mechanics teachers with the purpose of providing more intuitive and specific educational tools and content.

Furthermore, CFD experts will also find in Tdyn Wind Tunnel an extraordinary ally which will drastically reduce the preprocessing, meshing and post-processing times, while minimising the associated errors.

Working with Rhino Tdyn WindTunnel:

When this plugin is download, it is possible that toolbar does not appear. In this case, the following steps are necessary:
1. Select the menu option 'Tools > Options'.
2. Select the 'Plugin' option in the left-hand column.
3. Make sure that the RhinoTdynWindTunnel 'Enabled' checkbox is activated.
4. Restart Rhino.
5. The plugin button bar should appear.

The first execution of the plugin will check if  Tdyn WindTunnel is installed in the PC, and will automatically download and install it from CompassIS Website. Next executions, the user will be required to introduce the passwords needed for the execution of Tdyn Wind Tunnel. These passwords can be generated in our password generator. It is possible to generate up to 3 free passwords of one month's duration. 

For more information, it is possible to visit the manual of the plugin  or open the contextual menu with 'Panel > Help' menu option of Rhinoceros.

License Cost:
RhinoTdynWindTunnel 1.0.4
It allows to perform a wind tunnel simulation with Tdyn Wind Tunnel
Rhino 7 Win
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