Rhino LSystem
(by TomC)
This is an LSystem Library and Plugin for Rhino.
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Rhino LSystem [LSystem Engine]
This is an LSystem Library and Plugin for Rhino I've been working on for a while.  It has some features and limitations, and has been my architectural experiment along the way, but I think it's mature enough to share with others.  So for those of you interested in LSystems, here's my contribution to the heap.
For details on this implementation, please see here: https://github.com/t-c-/RhinoLSystem/blob/master/README.txt
Documentation, example defintions, partial examples, and some parametric object Grashopper files are included with the project.
Installation Notes:
Download and unpack "RhinoLSystemPlugin.zip".
(Please maintain the directory structure when you unpack the .zip file)
In Rhino, install the plugin: "RhinoLSystem.rhp"
To run in Rhino, the command name is: "LSystem"