Rhino E-SeaFEM
(by Compass)
It allows the use of geometries from Rhino to perform seakeeping simulations using the E-SeaFEM. It facilitates the execution of these simulations to non-specialized users.
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The aim of the Rhino E-SeaFEM plugin is to combine the 3D design capabilities of Rhinoceros together with the smooth user experience and computational power of E-SeaFEM.

The plugin facilitates exporting geometry designed with Rhinoceros and importing it into the E-SeaFEM application. With this integration, the E-SeaFEM application streamlines seakeeping simulations into three simple steps:

The plugin allows you to perform seakeeping simulations in three simple steps:

1. Automatic export of geometry created and prepared in Rhino, to E-SeaFEM.

2. Definition of a few conditions and properties assisted by E-SeaFEM in a way that can be done without deep technical knowledge in this field.

3. Launch simulation and view results!.

For anyone who, without being an expert in CFD, can benefit from a seakeeping analysis, for example:

1. Naval engineers who need to run seakeeping simulations of their projects.

2. Architects and naval designers looking to assess the comfort of their designs.

3. Technical offices wishing to estimate resistance coefficients.

4. Non-expert professionals in CFD who want to leverage maritime analysis in a simple and fast manner.

And also for CFD experts looking to reduce the time and effort required for pre-processing and various common post-processing tasks, while minimising the associated errors.

The first execution of the plugin will check if  E-SeaFEM is installed in the PC, and will automatically download and install it from CompassIS Website. Next executions, the user will be required to introduce the passwords needed for the execution of E-SeaFEM. These passwords can be generated in our password generator. It is possible to generate up to 3 free passwords of one month's duration.

The plugin, that allows exporting Rhinoceros geometry and open E-SeaFEM with the geometry imported, is free.

E-SeaFEM application is not free, but it is possible to generate up to 3 free trial passwords of one month's duration each.

For more information, it is possible to visit the manual of the plugin  or open the contextual menu with 'Panel > Help' menu option of Rhinoceros.

License Cost:
RhinoESeaFEM 1.0.0
It allows to perform a seakeeping simulation with E-SeaFEM
Rhino 7 Win