(by luksevics)
A very simple Grasshopper plugin that allows generating nodes, lines and surfaces in Dlubal RFEM, based on Rhino geometry.
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Does what it says - select points, curves and breps in Rhino >> nodes, lines, members and surfaces will be created in Dlubal RFEM.

After doing a quick search on the internet in 2018, I realized that there is no quick way to transfer Rhino geometry to Dlubal RFEM.
So I started by creating few nodes.
My everyday tasks currently does not involve using RFEM anymore, therefore I am not actively improving the plugin. The code is availalable on GitHub - feel free to fork and improve the functionality: https://github.com/mluksevics/GH_RFEM

Current nodes are:

  • Delete all data from existing RFEM model;
  • Write to RFEM - Point;
  • Write to RFEM - Line;
  • Write to RFEM - Member;
  • Write to RFEM - Surface;
  • Read from RFEM - All Nodes;
  • Read from RFEM - All lines (only straight lines are being read);
  • Create RFEM property - Node support;
  • Create RFEM property - Line support;
  • Create RFEM property - Member Hinge;
  • Materials catalogue;
  • Sections catalogue;

So how do you start:

  • Download .gha component;
  • Drag and drop the component on Grasshopper workspace. You may need to "unblock it" as it has been downloaded from the internet;
  • A grasshopper tab "RFEM" will appear;
  • Open RFEM and new model. The component will write data in the active model (be careful - it may overwrite data if you use existing model);
  • First use "RFEM model clear" component to ensure that model is "clean";
  • Add "toggle" component to "RFEM model clear" component.
  • use point/curve/brep Grasshopper component to select geometry;
  • drag and drop the relevant RFEM component.
  • Use output for "success" in "RFEM model clear" component as toggle for "run" on any other components;


Other notes:

  • Tested with RFEM 5.17.01. Note that you need a licence for add-on RF-COM for this component to work. Also works on trial versions.
  • Note that plugin will not work with very early RFEM 5 versions (well, you need to upgrade anyway - a lot has been improved since 2012)
  • To enable import of curved/arched lines and edges of surfaces, these are "segmented" during the import process. The parameter "MaxSegmentLength" determines the accuracy.
  • Components assume that Rhino units are [meters]. If your Rhino units are millimetres, the RFEM model will be scaled-up 1000 times. Be careful with this when importing curved lines/surfaces and choosing maximum line segment length;
  • Line component creates nodes automatically, the surface element creates lines and nodes automatically. If you need to transfer surfaces, no need to transfer the surface defining lines separately.
  • Only planar surfaces are supported;

A simple disclaimer. I am a structural engineer (and not software developer):

  • Not all exceptions are properly handled. It means that in case of error, your RFEM instance may stay frozen - make sure that you save&close all other models before geometry import.
  • I am not affiliated with Dlubal team, and I hope&believe that they will work on a decent GrassHopper link in future;
License Cost:
RhFEM v0.07 alpha
Rhino 5 for Win
RhFEM v0.05 alpha
Rhino 5 for Win
RhFEM v0.05 example script
Rhino 5 for Win
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