(by Arastoo Khajehee)
RemoSharp is a tool for remote collaborations in computational design and parametric modeling and Real-Time Robotics.
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RemoSharp can be used for Remote Real-Time Collaboration within Rhino and Grasshopper.

With RemoSharp you can script within Grasshopper in the C# language and have that script run on the remote computer. It also allows non-programmers to collaborate by working on the same GH_Canvas at the same time. You can Create components, Connect, Disconnect, Delete, Hide, Move, etc., remotely.

The main purpose for developing this plug-in was to create a tool that would enable collaborative work between multiple designers regardless of their location in Real-Time. This tool allows for scripting in C# or in conventional Grasshopper Visual Programming. All the commands are in text format so they can be created from external applications, WebSocket communications over the internet and local networks, and other communication methods, such as UDP/TCP. In short, this tool allows users to script remotely in other computers' Grasshopper documents while using inputs from both sides.






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