(by Arastoo Khajehee)
A tool to generate C# components from text input, suitable for remote collaboration.
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RemoSharp can be used to create C# script components within Grasshopper from text inputs. The text can be provided from any source, including from sources outside of Grasshopper. 

The main purpose for developing this plug-in was to create a tool that would enable collaborative work between multiple designers regardless of their location. As this tool allows for scripting from pure text, the text can be provided from external applications, WebSocket communications over the internet and local networks, and other communication methods, such as UDP/TCP. In short, this tool allows users to script remotely in other computers' Grasshopper documents while using inputs from both sides.

This tool works particularly well with Bengesht's communication tools developed by Behrooz Tahanzadeh:

Tutorials on how to work with WebSockets: