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Sunlight reflected light pollution analysis plug-in
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According to the newly released national sunlight reflected light pollution specification, sunflower 3D team has newly launched the reflector sunlight reflected light pollution analysis plug-in. The development team has invented a new data structure and ray tracing acceleration algorithm. The calculation efficiency is very high and the calculation results are accurate. The main functions of sunlight ray reflection analysis include:
1. Glare analysis of vehicle travel direction.
2. Analysis of the impact of building curtain wall reflection on surrounding buildings.
3. Innovative rendering analysis method.
4. Grid surface analysis method.
5. Analysis method of sampling points.
6. Visualization and parameterization of analysis data.
Summary: a variety of analysis methods based on graphics or images or a combination of the two provide users with a lot of flexible choices and comprehensive functions. They are the analysis tools of the parametric platform.

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