(by Thomas Lee)
RADii allows you to broadcast and collaborate on Rhino content in real-time. Share and explore your sketches in VR/AR instantly.
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RADii is a cross platform content distribution and collaboration platform aimed at designers and architects. RADii allows you to spatially explore and remotely share your designs in real time Rhino to AR, Rhino to VRRhino to Rhino and many more. Content can be published instantly on a channel or saved in the cloud for later retrieved on demand as well as saved locally on your device for future offline use.

Basic tutorials: Publish | Save | Subscribe | Viewer


  • Material component handles all material types and texture file formats
  • Create your personal domain/channel at https://radii.info
  • Physics added to geometry component

The RADii Viewers are available on iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, Oculus and your Web browser. See more at radii.info

Broadcasting possibilities include:

RADii viewers:

Visit radii.info for updates and downloads.