Quick Connection
(by 秋水)
Make wire connection much faster.
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  Make wire connection much faster.

  You can enable it on canvas toolbar.

  When dragging the wire and release on blank, you'll be able to choose which object you want to connect with on the tab control.

  You can also edit the items in tab control. Just right click the tab icon and you'll see an edit window, Just Edit There.

  1.0.4 Notes
  1. Fix the shining wire preview.
  2. Capable with place holder wire edit.

  1.0.3 Notes
  1. Move menu from Display to Edit.
  2. Add a wait time to make click control much easier.

  1.0.2 Notes
  1. Resolved a conflict with the double-click action on document object.

  1.0.1 Notes
  1. Make connection much easier when source and target have a short distance.
  2. Make background's alpha of choose window bigger.
  3. Add a manual library.
  4. Add a Fuzzy Connection feature.

  1.0.0 Notes
  1. Add a feature which can set default library.
  2. Make json file's capacity much bigger.

  0.9.2 Notes
  1. Add a feature which can set default library.

  0.9.1 Notes
  1. Fix the pop-up window is not showing on the right place when System Display Scale is not 100%.
  2. Fix the bug that click Add button too many times.