(by Naoki Tagawa)
Qalico is a Grasshopper plug-in that optimizes floor plans using Quantum Annealing Technology.
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Designing a floor plan requires a lot of study / trial and error, so it also takes a lot of time. Qalico uses Quantum Annealing Technology for multi-objective optimization, allowing you to consider different room zoning / layouts and corridor layouts, thus reducing the amount of time spent on studies.
By setting conditions such as the area of the rooms, the flow between rooms, the room area, and the orientation of the rooms, it is possible to design a comfortable and optimal floor plan that reflects the designer's sensitivity.
Multi-objective optimization using Quantum Annealing is a new technique in Grasshopper. We hope you enjoy this new technology.

Author: Naoki Tagawa
Artwork: Emiri Yoshinari

How to install:
This plugin works by accessing the  Quantum Annealing computing server by Hops components.Please install Hops module in advance by referring to this site.
Move the .ghuser file to the UserObjects file and restart Grasshopper.

How to use:
Zoning_opt component optimizes the zoning of rooms, and Corridor_layout_opt component optimizes the layout of corridors.These components use Hops function.
Currently, Hops components cannot be loaded with their settings preserved.At first, please set up the components while referring to the video below.
As of 28/02/2022, you will need a Amplify Annealing Engine access token in order to use the optimization component. Please register for a  free Fixstars Amplify account here ( to get your access token.

  1. Place the Hops component.
  2. Enable "Show Input: Path" and connect the panel with the URL of the component you want to use to the Path.
  3. After confirming that the Qalico component has been enabled, enter the appropriate input for each input.(Include an access token. See the image below.)
  4. After connecting the inputs correctly, enter True in the "Run" field to start the process.
  5. Optional: It is recommended to enable "Asynchronous" when using Hops.

The default Quantum Annealing computing server is for testing purposes only. It is not guaranteed to be operational and has limitations at this time. If you wish to continue using it, please email support.

The author was supported by the "MITOU Target Project” of the Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan for the development of this software.
The Quantum Annealing computing resources are provided in favor of Fixstars Amplify.

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Qalico 0.1
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