(by ArcGIS CityEngine)
Puma is a plugin for Rhino 3D and Grasshopper. It enables the use of CityEngine CGA rules for the generation of procedural buildings inside of Rhino or Grasshopper at runtime.
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Welcome to Puma!
Puma is available in the Rhino 7 Package Manager in the Tools menu! Please check out our website with the example scene shown in the video below. Also, take a look at our user manual!

Puma is ...

  • ... a plugin that enables running ArcGIS CityEngine rules in Rhino/Grasshopper to generate building models.
  • ... freely(*) available in the Rhino 7 Package Manager. It needs RPKs (Rule Packages) authored in CityEngine to work.
  • ... open source, so you can adapt it to your needs, see https://github.com/esri/puma

Puma is NOT ...

  • ... a replacement for CityEngine (no terrain editing and dynamic parceling).
  • ... a CGA authoring software.
  • ... a panther, lynx or a black cat ;-)

With Puma, architects and urban planners do not have to leave Rhino/Grasshopper to make use of the procedural modeling power of CityEngine. The buildings remain procedural at all times and architects or urban planners can change the height, style and appearance of buildings easily with a parametric interface. In addition, report values created by the CityEngine rules can be directly accessed.

As input, Puma requires Rule Packages (RPK) which are authored in CityEngine. An RPK includes assets and a CGA rule file.

(*) Puma is free for personal, educational, and non-commercial use. Commercial use requires at least one commercial license of the latest CityEngine version installed in the organization. Redistribution or web service offerings are not allowed unless expressly permitted.

License Cost:
For instructions on installing Grasshopper Add-Ons, please see FAQ for details.
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