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ProJ a collection of jewellery professional plug-ins developed in collaboration of the largest brand of Made In Italy.
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Logis3D develops ProJ, a collection of jewellery professional plug-ins for Rhinoceros that enable designers to make their work easier, faster and more effective. Pro-Jewellery is equipped with advanced features, designed and developed in collaboration with the largest brands of jewellery.

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ProJ contains J-Tools, PaveTool, AdvancedTools and GrabTools which introduce a wide range of tools for advanced and pliable jewellery modelling.
Pavetool is a plug-in for Rhinoceros which applies advanced stone setting. The plug-in is endowed with a wide range of high-level editing tools to place gems, make holes, apply azure cut and jewellery pre-cut. Pavetool turns a simple stone setting activity into a fine pavé creation. Users can rely on a wide range of tools to place gems according to their own artistic taste, arranging them into fanciful and impressive patterns. Main features:

  • Pavé onto either polysurfaces or mesh!
  • Advanced editing of already placed gems (move, resize, sink and much more)
  • Exact placement of gems along outer edges
  • Possibility to embellish the model with drawings of equally or unequally sized gems
  • Azure cut, precut and standard holes creation

J-Tools basically offers a set of enhanced tools particularly focused on 3D jewellery. In addition, it contains advanced versions of common Rhinoceros commands, UDT Splop and Orient on the surface being the most known examples. Main features:

  • RingCreator: it creates simple rings, contrarié and shanks in a parametric way
  • RingResize: it changes the size of a ring preserving its overall shape and appearance
  • GemCreator: it creates parametric gems either from scratch or from a custom shape curve. It includes a library of the most commonly used cuts
  • BezelCreator: it creates parametric bezel and pronged heads

GrabTools is an advanced plug-in for support creation when the model is to be prepared for 3D printing. The plug-in saves a lot of time and creates comfortable supports for any model. Main features:

  • Automatic detection of the areas which need supports
  • Support creation and interactive editing of already placed supports
  • Supports along a curve
  • Interactive symmetry for support placement
  • Save and Load functionalities
  • Enhanced slicing of one or more meshes with export functionality either into SLC format or into images for 3D printing

AdvancedTools adds new advanced modelling capabilities with which to design a high design content models.

  • Automatic detection of the areas which need supports
  • ExtendedPipe: Pipe evolved for creating wire models patterned with any section of polysurfaces and meshes with a knitted woven effect and scaling section and rotation functions.
  • ArtTools : Allows to realize mesh surfaces from images (.jpg, .bmp, .png). E 'can set dimensions and the height Z of the surface and apply a series of filters to allow you to expand, smooth, contract the mesh surface.
  • Creating strings of Pro-J 6.0, allows the creation of strings modified interactively from one or more user-defined curves
  • AdvancedSplop: Splop evolved on mesh and independent Polysurface from UV structure with rotation and scaling of the interactive model positioned. This function allows to apply decorations formed by curves, 3D models of Polysurfaces mesh and laying them on polysurfaces, and meshes without undergoing deformation.
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