Polynomial Roots
(by seghier)
Tool to solve Polynomial Roots
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The default location of ghpy files is:

Polynomial Roots will appear in Fennec Tab --> Math section

Before using Polynomial Roots you need to install mpmath following these steps: (See the images)

A- First Method:

  1. Rhino --> Tools --> PythonScript --> Edit --> Tools --> Options -- Click Add to search path button and find this folder (Python27\Lib\site-packages).
  2. Set Default Python Version In Windows to Python27: System Properties --> Advanced Tab --> Environment Variables --> Path --> Move Python27 line to the top.
  3. Install mpmath module: cmd --> pip install mpmath.
  4. Restart Rhino.

B- Second Method:

  1. Download mpmath.zip file
  2. Extract it to this folder:  C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\Plug-ins\IronPython\Lib
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