Point Clouds for Rhino
(by Mark Estcourt)
Load point clouds of any size from any source, exploit and create geometry and export for use in other applications.
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Limitless point clouds can be imported into Rhino for modelling.  All functions inside of Rhino are controlled via the simple Veesus Control Panel which is presented in a familiar Rhino style.  Some of the features include:


  • Point Cloud Attributes                              • Point Cloud Clipping                         • Renderer
  • Snapping to Point                                    • Copying                                              •  Deleting 
  • Automatic Vectorization                           •  CSV Export                                       •  Plane Through Points           
  • Slice Point Cloud & Rhino Geometry       • Point Cloud Lighting                          •  Clash Detection with Meshed Surfaces
  • Relief Shader                                            • Viewpoints

Note: To obtain a Free or Trial version you will need to create a Zappcha account.  When the plugin is loaded you will then need to login to Zappcha on the presented popup screen.

License Cost: