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Pigletto contains extended topological methods, the ability to perform subtransforms on Breps, and general purpose Rhino and Grasshopper utilities.
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Pigletto provides:

  • Extended methods for dealing with Geometric and Numerical topologies.
  • The ability to subtransform components of a brep.
  • Workflow components that allow easy control over things like object visability or lock status.
  • The ability to read and write Rhino file notes.
  • Creature comforts when dealing with members and lists.
  • A quick boundary component that makes borders around GH components that can be easier to deal with than groups.
  • A path mismatch debugger that finds mismatched data trees.
  • And much more!!

BrepTopDistance : Outputs the topological distance of every Brep face to a list of Root faces. Toggle True for Edge and Vertex inclusion into the distancing function.

Edge Types: The difference between Edges By Type and the native Brep Edges component, is the ability to detect the difference between an interior and exterior Surface Edge. The two components detect shared edges the same.

Clean Network: Cleans a list of curves that may have self intersections or duplicate curves. 

Network Curve Top Distance: Outputs topological distances based on a list of root curve indices.

Shatterall: Shatters a list of Curves against the other items in the list, With an optional boolean to explode polycurves as well.

Member Info: Member Info is a all about creature comforts. If your tired of stringing together the same 2 or 3 components together every time you check for values,  This will likely be your new favorite thing. Also, this component supports searches for Nulls.

Number Groups: Number Groups takes two sets of numbers, a key, and a connection. In this example. The key represents an item index the connection indicates the index of the item that collides with it. Number Groups takes these collision pairs, and assigns a group index based on the connectivity topology of the entire list of pairs. This results in the filtering out of discontinuous items, which have no affiliation with each other through any connection.

MeshTopDistance: Outputs the topological distance of every Mesh face to a list of Root faces.

DocColours : Returns Every  Rhino Objects Color

DocGuids: Returns a guid for every object, including worksessioned Objects

DocNames : Returns every object name 

Hide/Show: Hide or Show objects in Rhino. In the Hide/Show input, Input False for Hide, True for Show, Defaults to Show.

IsWorksessioned: Tells you whether or not a referenced object is worksessioned into this document or not, as well as the source file.


Read Notes: Allows a user to read the notes that Rhino saves with the file.

RhinoDocName: Returns the Rhino Document Name and FilePath.

Select: Select Objects in Rhino

Write Notes: Allows a user to write the notes that Rhino saves with the file.

SubTransform: Toggle True for Edge and Vertex inclusion into the distancing function.

ComponentIndices: Outputs the Component Indices, and analogous Component Type indices for the Breps supplied to it.

SubTransform Brep: Transforms Brep subcomponents as passed by the Component Indices.

Move Edge: Performs SubTransforms on Brep edges. Pick Edges by providing a coincident point and accompanying vector.

MoveFace : Performs SubTransforms on Brep Faces. Pick faces by providing a coincident point and accompanying vector.

MoveVertex : Performs Sub Transforms on Brep Vertices.

GH_BoundaryMarker: Boundary Marker works by manually selecting a number of grasshopper objects, (components, params, Scribbles or Marker Objects) and hitting run with the items still selected. A boundary marker object will appear as a rectangle around the selected objects. You can also set the offset value

GH_Get Selected: Get Selection allows users to reference the Grasshopper Objects that are currently selected when the toggle is hit.

Path Problems: The Path Problems component will return a list of all Grasshopper components that have a mismatch of path depth in their output.

Scribble Reflow: In order to run this, Select a scribble. While its selected hit the run toggle, and the selected scribble will delete, and a formatted one will be dropped on the canvas in its place. Reformats Scribble text into paragraphs of a designated character length.

Text Reflow : Reformats text into paragraphs of a designated character length.


Coplanar Set :Outputs a set of planes that are coplanar within a certain angle (Radian) and distance tolerance, also outputs first index of coplanar occurrence, as well as group index per original plane

FlipMatchVector: Compares a number of vectors against an analysis vector, flipping vectors if necessary to be better aligned.Also outputs a boolean for whether a vector in the set was flipped.

Vector To Transform :Translates an incoming vector into a Transform data type.

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For instructions on installing Grasshopper Add-Ons, please see FAQ for details.
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