Photopia Optical Design for Rhino
(by Ryan Kelley)
Photopia Optical Design Software for Rhino allows optical engineers to design and analyze illumination optical systems in their CAD model.
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Photopia optical design software is now available as an add-in for Rhino.  This allows optical engineers to use a modern CAD system to design, optimize and analyze complex optical systems. Being in Rhino also allows for seamless transfer of CAD data between Photopia and other mechanical CAD software, simplifying collaboration between optical engineers and mechanical engineers.  Photopia for Rhino contains the full set of Photopia simulation and reporting features. Photopia also allows for the simulation of UVC disinfection systems.

Photopia has been the leading architectural and illumination optical design software since its first release over 25 years ago.  Photopia allows mechanical and optical engineers to design and analyze optical systems, visualize light patterns on surfaces, and create simulated IES and LDT files. By virtually prototyping optical systems, engineers can save time and cost in the development cycle of products ranging from architectural lighting fixtures, street lighting luminaires, light guides, optical sensors, medical devices, automotive systems, aviation lighting and many more.