PedSim Pro
(by Gradient12)
Advanced pedestrian simulation plug-in for Rhino and Grasshopper.
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PedSim® Pro is an advanced pedestrian simulation plug-in for Rhino and Grasshopper, the successor of PedSim®. It provides comparable functionality as other software at 1/20 to 1/100 of the cost. As a plug-in, it can be easily integrated with your design workflow.

PedSim® Pro is in active development. Version 1.2.1 can virtually improve performance by about 10x! 

  • Added "ShowFrameEvery" parameter in SystemSettings. This allows Grasshopper to skip processing some frames.
  • Algorithmic improvements

PedSim® Pro 1.2 new features and updates:

PedSim® Pro 1.1 new features over PedSim® (click each link for details):

Please visit to find out more and subscribe. If you download the trial here, please download the examples here.

By downloading PedSim® Pro you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Scroll down to watch the PedSim® global webinar in 2020 in case you missed it. There is also a detailed tutorial about modeling basics.


We call for examples / case studies from users like you, with the benefit of using PedSim® Pro for free (limited time, Terms and Conditions apply)! Please contact us if you want to use PedSim® Pro for your project and are willing to share online.

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