Parametric FEM Toolbox
(by Diego Apellániz)
This Plug-In enables an interoperability between the finite element software Dlubal RFEM and Grasshopper through the RFCOM API.
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This Plug-In enables an interoperability between the finite element software RFEM (Structural Analysis) and Grasshopper through the RFCOM API. It´s required to have installed the program Dlubal RFEM with active RFEM and RFCOM licenses in order to use this plugin.

Please cite the following paper if you're using this plugin in your research:
Enhancing structural design with a parametric FEM Toolbox


  • Import data from Grasshopper to RFEM: Model Data, Loads, Load Cases, Load Combinations, etc.
  • Import Data from RFEM into Grasshopper
  • Run structural calculations from Grasshopper.
  • Visualize RFEM Models in Rhino

The whole project is available in the following public Github repository:

Developed by Diego Apellániz in collaboration with Bollinger+Grohmann.

The code of the GUI-Widgets comes from Karamba3D. They were developed by Christoph Zimmel in cooperation with Bollinger und Grohmann ZT GmbH in Vienna.

And special thanks to Yuliya Pozynich for the design of the logos!

This plugin does not work with the new RFEM6. If you are using this version of RFEM, I recommend installing the official plugin from Dlubal for RFEM6 which is based on the Parametric FEM Toolbox, as you can see below, so your workflows and scripts should work on a similar way:

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For instructions on installing Grasshopper Add-Ons, please see FAQ for details.
Parametric_FEM_Toolbox 1.4.5
This Plug-In enables a functional interoperability between the FEM software RFEM and Grasshopper. Thus, the full potential of Grasshopper can be used to manipulate existing RFEM - Models and get data from them.
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Parametric FEM Toolbox v1.4.5
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