(by Paracraft Design)
Planing hull parametric design plugin for Rhino3D
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paraCraft is a Rhino3D plugin that supports the design and evaluation of planing hulls. With paraCraft you can:

Parametically design hard chine planing hulls in Rhino3D

  • Create planing hull geometry with 21 design parameters
  • Generate basic hull curves, stations, waterlines
  • Generate hull surfaces and evaluate their curvature
  • Save/Open parameter files

Evaluate and analyze the parametric design

  • Build-in hydrostatics
  • Build-in resistance and running trim angle estimation using the Savitsky method or Series 62 systematic series regression
  • Hydrostatic values/Resistance result updates as desing parameters are changed

Optimize design parameters using Genetic Algorithms (Soon available)

paraCraft plugin is capable of automatically choosing optimum parameter values (chine beam and deadrise angle) by solving multi objective optimization problems. Optimization feature to be released soon.


To install the plugin double click the the setup application provided. 


To use the plugin, after you have installed it, type "paracraftCommand" at the Rhino3D command line. Alternative you can use the toolbar provided. To show the paracraft toolbar use right-click on Rhino toolbar, select "Show toolbar" and click on the "paracraft toolbar".

RELEASE NOTES (March 2021 - 140321)

- Plugin requres a valid license after 5 evaluation runs
- A toolbar is created to run the plugin
- Few bug fixes