(by illusionwing)
Exchange files easily across versions, people & computers. Import/export JSON, XML, STL & any Rhino-supported format. And much more!
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Pancake has several aspects of features:

  • Tweaks, which are for everyone and will work out-of-the-box, including saving your file if your GH freezes, hinting param access & auto-unblock new libraries, etc.
  • Tools for exchaning your GH file between versions and computers, such as downgrading GH1 script to GH0 one, internalizing geometry all at once, version tracking, checking what external resources are being used, etc.
  • Components for exporting GH geometry directly to any Rhino-supported format, as well as some specialized formats, such as STL. Experimental support for importing into GH.
  • Components for JSON-like structure manipulation and JSON/XML export/import support.
  • Components for length quantities allowing easy manipulation of metric and imperial length system.

Manual and changelog: An offline manual (may not up-to-date) is also available for download.

You need to restart Rhino after installation or upgrading. A "Pancake" menu will pop up after a successful installation. For any questions, problems or inquiries, leave a review or mail me. You can also ask if you need a feature and it is related to Pancake.

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