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Nursery is an agent based modelling and behavioural design framework for Grasshopper.
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Nursery is a behavioural design framework for Grasshopper. It consists of a set of tools for creating Agents and Behaviours and executing these behaviours on a multithreaded simulation core. Implementations of distance fields, spatial trees and voxel environments are also provided to reduce the need for extensive coding on behalf of users wishing to work with common behavioural models such as cellular automata or boid systems. Nursery is built on a set of generic interfaces and can be used for almost any agent-based modelling. It is intended for users with some coding or agent based modelling experience. 



Download the Nursery Zip file
Right-click the zip file and choose properties. Then click 'Unblock'.
Unzip them to your %AppData%/Grasshopper/Libraries folder
Restart Rhino + GH



The examples are numbered to construct a tutorial series through the Nursery framework and build in complexity. Some of the examples directly reference plugin dll files from within grasshopper c# components. These examples will prompt you to relocate these files on your local machine. To run simulation examples, double click the timer. You should be able to make changes to most things while the simulation is running (e.g. behaviour parameters, input geometry) though the plugin is in development and will occasionally hard crash. Save your work often!



Autogenerated documentation of the project can be found in the Documentation/html folder. The documentation provides an overview of the core framework geometry, interfaces, abstract implementations and pre-written behaviours. 

Source code is on BitBucket -



Gwyllim Jahn

Core Nursery geometry is built on a port of Karsten Schmidt's Toxiclibs ( Cam Newnham ( provided useful performance improvements.

Chris Ferris, Junru Tao

Plugin Development supported by d___lab, RMIT Architecture and Urban Design




Updates since 0.63
MeshToGraph parents particles
Preview uses Plane Radius
Cast Vec3D to Plane3D
Added extension methods for SRParticle
SRParticle casts to point3d and vector3d
ISearchable has new Collection property

Updates since 0.62
Springs use particle positions to render
EdgeToGraph parents particles

Updates since 0.60
Attract and Repel now work with Plane3d neighbours

Updates since 0.58
Added modify particles component
Fixed bug in PriorityQueue
Added Edge Bundling example

Updates since 0.57:
Fixed a bug in attract component that was setting initial strength to 0
Added a limit parameter to max number of neighbours returned by search behaviour
Added a rest length scale for springs

Updates since 0.56:

Fixed graph topology bug
Fixed bug where converting closed curves to a graph would create duplicate particles
Agentlist string description now outputs population count
Agent string description now outputs agent type

License Cost:
For instructions on installing Grasshopper Add-Ons, please see FAQ for details.
Nursery v0.65
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Nursery Documentation
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