Notilus Clipper
(by NotilusDesign)
Clipping Plane Tool For Rhino
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Notilus Clipper updated!

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If you have the warning "This package is not compitable with the Rhino Installer Engine" , this means rhino is trying to install with Rhino 5 Installer Engine (see the image below).

To correct, drop the .rhi file on the file rhiexec.exe (should be located in C:\Program Files\McNeel\Rhino Installer Engine\x64).

New Excellent Features:

  • Setpoint : Grab a point to move the selected clipping plane to that point. Also controlled by commands, which can be used in macros.
  • Enter Clipping plane position
  • Save / activate clipping plane positions.
  • Create Projects for Clipping Planes.
  • Set clipping planes to objects
  • Save / restore clipping plane positions

As the project gets larger, it gets diffucult to focus on details, and we lose control over our projects. But Notilus Clipper helps you to easily organize your clipping planes with a user friendly interface.

If you have problems installing a plug-in, one reason may be because Windows has set a flag on the plug-in file. This means Windows doesn't know where this file came from. This typically happens for files downloaded from the internet or received through email.

For security purposes, Windows will not load the plug-in into Rhino unless you unblock the file.

To Unblock, follow the instructions told in

How to Use:

You can resize clipping plane area, customize settings for your rhino, enable/disable clipping planes easily.

List of commands

ncChangeDir : Changes selection of clipping plane direction.
ncCreateProject : Creates a new project for clipping planes
ncDecreasePosition : Decreases clipping plane in the way of selected direction.
ncDeleteProject : Deletes projects
ncIncreasePosition: Increases clipping plane in the way of selected direction.
ncMaximizeBoundaries : Sets the boundary of clipping plane area to cover all objects in the document.
ncResetDatabase : Deletes all scenes and projects.
ncResizeToObjects : Sets the clipping plane positions to selected object with a given offset.
ncSetPoint: Sets the clipping plane to point in the way of selected clipping plane.
ncSettings : Settings window.
ncToggleEnableCPs : Enables/Disables clipping planes:
NotilusClipperCommand : Opens NotilusClipper Tab.

Watch the recorded video from 26th May 2021 "food4Rhino webinar: Notilus Nautical Design (English)"


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