NORMCUT is a nesting plug-in focusing on waste minimization using filler parts
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Note: Thanks for helping us save more than 50% waste in more than 1000 Cutting plans in the last month. In order to continue on our journey towards a waste free production we need your cooperation: Send us photos taken from produced filler parts or support us by paying a waste tax. Learn More.

NORMCUT is a nesting plug-in focusing on waste minimization in subtractive manufacturing (e.g., CNC milling or laser cutting). It is extending the regular nesting approach by so-called filler part nesting (read more about the background). Through filling up remaining space with filler parts you can reduce offcuts by 50%. You can either create your own filler parts in NORMCUT’s demand portal or use the standardized pieces, which the algorithm will place by default, and sell them on NORMCUT’s marketplace.

In order to create nestings, use the `NormcutNest` command and follow the instructions to select your input parts and enter your nesting settings (detailed instructions). 

In order to improve the plug-in, we are looking for your help: If there’s a bug, post in the Rhino support forum including a short description, a screenshot, any related output of the command window and your opened 3DM file.

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NormCut 0.2.0
Filler part nesting plugin.
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