(by Liang M)
This is a Grasshopper plug-in for generating different types of random noise values
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The Noise is a Grasshopper plug-in allow user to customize the noise values inside grasshopper for modeling.

The plug-in include now three different types of noise: Perlin noise, Worley noise and open Simplex noise.

The Perlin noise component provides user different parameters to modify the noise result: the frequecy in three dimensions, the jitter level and two types of smoothstep function: 3 * t² − 2 * t³ and 6 * t⁵−15 * t⁴ + 10 * t³.

The Worley noise component provides user three types of distance metric: Euclidean distance, Manhattan distance and Chebyshev distance.

The Open simplex noise is calculate based on a 4d vector(x, y, z, w), in which (x, y, z) is the coordinate location of the input point, (w) is slice values to modify the noise values.

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