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Noah's Ark plug-in for Grasshopper and Rhino
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Noah's Ark plug-in for Grasshopper and Rhino

A Grasshopper plug-in to save endangered animals from the rising waters. 

Noah’s Ark is an open-source, crowd-sourced Grasshopper plug-in maintained by ShapeDiver and frequently shipped to ShapeDiver systems. 
It provides the possibility to:

  • Rescue legacy plug-in functionality, 
  • Develop and distribute new full-fledged Grasshopper components without having to maintain a plug-in, and 
  • Ship plug-in functionality to ShapeDiver without the need for an Enterprise account. 


At ShapeDiver, we already support about 40+ plug-ins and frequently receive requests from our users to deploy more ones to our systems. 
We must be picky and careful about the plug-ins we deploy, always keeping security and maintenance in mind. 
Therefore, our plug-in reviewing process is extensive, and sometimes, we have to refrain from deploying a specific plug-in or plug-in update. 
You can read more about plug-in reviewing here

Since Rhino 8, a new challenge has entered the stage: Moving Rhino to .NET 7 (read about it here). 
In future versions of Rhino, this might leave old widespread plug-ins behind. 

For these reasons, we initiated Noah’s Ark


The initial release contains a component for approximate solutions to the Cutting stock problem (1D cutoff optimization). The source code was adapted from this repository and integrated into Noah's Ark with the author's permission, Alexander Morozov. 

How to contribute

Fork and clone the repository, develop your extension to Noah's Ark, and open a pull request
We will review your pull request and provide feedback quickly. If you want to discuss before starting to code, please open an issue.


Should you prefer to develop your own plug-in, check out our Grasshopper and Rhino plug-in template.

Would you like us to include further functionality in Noah’s Ark? We are looking forward to your feedback and comments 

  * on our forum
  * using GitHub issues, or 
  * by joining one of our community standups or onboarding sessions

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For instructions on installing Grasshopper Add-Ons, please see FAQ for details.
NoahsArk 0.1.0-alpha
Noah's Ark plug-in for Grasshopper and Rhino
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