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Planetarium plugin for simulating the night sky for any given time and location.
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Unfortunately, Nightingale cannot be used with Rhino 8. A fix will be available soon!

Nightingale is a plugin for simulating the night sky for any given time and location. It was created to allow for architects, designers and artists to design with the night sky in mind. The positions of stars, the sun, moon (including phase and illuminenance), planets and constellations are plotted onto a skydome so that the user can visualise the universe within Rhino. 

This tool was created by Sean Lyon as a continuation of his master thesis undertaken at the Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark.



  • Load Sky Data: Loads star positions and constellation data.
  • Construct Sky: Constructs a Celestial Sphere upon which astronomical data can be plotted


Plot Data

  • Plot Star Data: Plots the loaded stars onto the Celestial Sphere
  • Plot Constellation Data: Plots the constellations onto the Celestial Sphere
  • Plot Planets: A Keplarian solver for plotting the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets onto a Celestial Sphere
  • Plot Point from Coordinates: Plots a point onto a Celestial Sphere using equatorial coordinates
  • Plot Path Across Sky: Plots the apparent circle inscribed by an object as is moves across the sky



  • Deconstruct Sky: Deconstructs a Celestial Sphere
  • Current Date and Time: Outputs the current system time, both local and UTC 
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Nightingale 1.0
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